AGES Mödling, Waste water sterilisation system

AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) Mödling: Engineering, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a waste water sterilisation system for contaminated waste water using a batch procedure

  • Collecting the waste water
  • Highly efficient heat recovery concept
  • For thermal decontamination of high-grade and biologically hazardous polluted waste water (agents from risk group 3, acc. to the Regulation on Biological Working Materials)
  • Delivery of a complete system (reaction tanks, balance tanks, pumps, valves, complete measurement and control technology etc.)
  • Automation, time and process-dependent program control,
  • Automation for a fully automatic sterilisation procedure, recording relevant measurement values in the reactors which are attributed to batches as proof that sterilisation was successful
  • Documentation, validation
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