Quality & customer orientation

We develop and build special process systems. We understand the technology and the product.

Our customers from across a wide range of industries have diverse requirements in terms of modification, expansion, retrofitting, renovation or relocation of their process systems. Maximum standards of function, quality, modernity and cost-effectiveness as well as the thrifty use of energy and resources are required.


Everything from a single source

We support our customers by considering and understanding their products as well as their process equipment as a whole, taking into account the aspects of energy and waste water as well as the associated, complex interactions. From this, we develop suitable integrated solutions from a single source.


Everything from a single source


Your interests are the starting point of our consultation and the optimal solution for you what our support is aimed at. We rely on state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly technology with an optimal price-performance ratio.


Practical applications

Foodstuff industry

  • Heating plants, UHT plants, pasteurisation plants for milk, soy, pudding
  • Collection tank, storage tank, sterile tank for e.g. collection of milk, UHT plants, interim storage
  • Filling and emptying of liquid, paste and powdery foods e.g. fruit concentrate, chocolate, milk, lactose, casein, fruit yoghurt
  • CIP cleaning systems (central, decentral, mobile), container purification, container sterilisation for e.g. milk, fruit juice, beer, wine
  • Sterile interface e.g. at UHT plants

Energy supply and energy optimisation

  • Steam boiler, hot water boilers, warm water boiler systems, biomass boilers
  • Condensation heat exchanger, exhaust gas heat exchanger, improving efficiency
  • Condensation system
  • Burners
  • Feed-water preparation
  • Heat recovery
  • Compressed air stations
  • Cooling systems
  • Process data logging, monitoring, needs-determination
  • Energetic overall view
  • Energy auditor according to § 17 EEffG
  • Energy management system

Industrial and communal wastewater treatment

  • New construction, optimisation, refurbishment, expansion of water treatment systems
  • Biofilm process for cleaning systems, ativated sludge, bio combination, fixed bed, SBR systems
  • Flotation
  • Fat separation


  • Customized automation concepts
  • Issue of customer requirement specifications and product requirement specifications
  • Integration of new plants
  • Planning and realisation:
    • Sensor technology (pressure, temperature, mass, flow etc.)
    • Control
    • Actuator engineering (e.g. control valves, pumps)
    • Validation
  • Linking external systems
  • Data collection, energy monitoring systems (b.data Siemens)

We strive for continuous improvement in order to be able to win you over in the future as well with the best quality in performance and results, whilst being prompt and reliable.