NÖM AG, Steam boiler plant

Planning, delivery and installation of a complete boiler room

  • installation of two new, needs-orientated steam boilers (10,700 kg/h and 14,000 kg/h) in two separate projects
  • exhaust gas heat exchanger for pre-heating the feed water
  • condensate heat exchanger for pre-heating the additional water from 12 to 85°C
  • feed-water preparation with integration of the existing system components
  • optimised gas burner
  • fully automatic controller

Result following integration of the second steam boiler (14,000 kg/h):

  • reduced use of fuel
  • reduction in the exhaust gas temperature to about 55°C at full load
  • reduction in air pollutants (carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide)
  • efficient and predictable operation thanks to fully automatic controller (e.g. maintenance messages and the detection of excessively high blowdown rates)
  • effectiveness of 102.81% (increase of more than 10% over the performance of the old plant)

Our services

  • Initial and detailed planning
  • Submission planning
  • Support during approval processes with the authorities and TÜV
  • Delivery and installation of the new steam boiler including waste gas heat exchanger, condensation ECO, feed-water module and water preparation
  • Disposal of old steam boilers
  • Mechanical installation and pipe installation
  • Control panel, cabling, electrical installation
  • Conversion during operation, safeguarding the steam supply through a temporarily installed borrowed boiler

The energy efficiency measures were awarded the klimaaktiv Prize on 5 December 2016. The proven saving amounts to 1,045,200 kWh per year.

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