Messner Wurst- und Schinkenspezialitäten, steam boiler system

Planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a new steam boiler system

  • Steam boiler system 3,200 kg/h with integrated exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Condensation heat exchanger
  • Vapour heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery from low-temperature compressors, deep freeze compressors, decompression condensate and warm water from various units
  • Groundwater tank
  • Water service module for new and existing old boiler
  • New flue with supporting tube, prepared for a second flue
  • 3 control cabinets
  • New steam distributor
  • Combination burner (Gas, HEL)

General contracting, application planning, engineering, delivery, electrical and mechanical assembly, measurement and control technology, training the operation staff, commissioning

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