Mars Austria, Steam boiler plant

Refurbishment and optimisation of the steam boiler system

  • Installation of a flue gas condensation heat exchanger
  • Osmosis system for boiler feed-water
  • Refurbishment of the feed-water module including complete degassing, installation of an exhaust vapour heat exchanger
  • Equipping the existing boiler with new measuring technology, new burners and electrical equipment
  • Installation of a load-dependent boiler sequencing control system
  • Initial and detailed planning
  • Delivery and installation (mechanical, electrical) of the components
  • Submission of documents to the authorities, TÜV
  • Automation, visualisation
  • Start-up
  • Documentation

All refurbishments were conducted without ceasing operations.

Energy conservation:

  • Reduction of waste gas temperature and fuel consumption
  • Increase in efficiency
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