klimaaktiv award for four Edtmayer projects

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

For their exemplary commitment, 35 companies from Austria were awarded the klimaaktiv Prize in December 2016 by the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management during the klimaaktiv symposium. Four of the awarded projects involved measures which we implemented jointly with our clients in our capacity as general contractor – including consulting, planning and overall implementation. The total saving delivered by these measures was 6,958,795 kWh per year.

In his talk as one of three technology partners, Michael Wallner had the opportunity to present the detailed results of the energy efficiency projects we implemented:

  • NÖM AG: Effective heat recovery with two heat exchanger stages → Energy saving 1,045,200 kWh/a
  • Otto Wirl GmbH: New steam boiler system → Energy saving 1,185,700 kWh/a
  • Josef Manner & Comp. AG: Optimisation of the cogeneration plants incl. buffer tank → Energy saving 2,366,200 kWh/a
  • Kärntnermilch reg.Gen.m.b.H.: Heat recovery with new steam boiler → Energy saving 2,361,695 kWh/a

The resource-conserving use of energy and the protection of our environment are important matters for us. In addition to our commitment to the environment (e.g. our patronage of the stag beetle habitat in Mödling city forest), we also make a valuable contribution to climate protection by, for example, increasing the operational energy efficiency of our customers.

“With our decision to become a klimaaktiv technology partner at the start of 2016, we are consistently pursuing the path of continuously improving energy efficiency in our company or on our customers’ premises,” says a delighted Michael Wallner.